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The Concordance is a collection of thematic notes for the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Information is grouped into orderly sections, moving from broad subjects (such as "Westeros") to more narrow subjects (such as "Tournaments and Heraldry"), ordered by publication date and page number as applicable. The index on this page gives a good idea about the layout, and makes for a good place to start getting familiar with the Concordance, so we recommend spending a few moments on acquainting yourself with it.

What you will not find in the Concordance is explicit speculation, details on the appearances or actions of specific characters within the time frame of the books, and so on. You can learn about clothing worn in Westeros, on the different sorts of tournaments, on foods eaten and ancient history, and many other factual things, but that's about it. A less limited scope would make the concordance unwieldy for its purposes as a thematically factual resource.

As with all such projects, it's not likely that every piece of factual thematic information has made it into the Concordance. If you stumble across something in the books which you feel should belong here but doesn't appear, please feel free to contact us. If the information is added to the Concordance, you will receive a credit on this page.


Thanks go to Richard M. Boyé, Tomi Heimonen, B. Morgan Swierczek, and Eleder, who provided many suggestions and pointed out errors. Rhonda Peters, whose massive Wheel of Time concordance is what brought the initial concept of our concordance to our minds. And last, but never least, George R.R. Martin himself. If the series didn't exist, neither would this.

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