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3.2. The Starks
  • The Valyrian steel greatsword of the Starks, Ice, is four hundred years old. It is named after the sword of the Kings of the North, who ruled in the Age of Heroes to the time of Aegon (I: 12, 20, etc.)
  • The Starks are Wardens of the North (I: 12)
  • The blood of the First Men flows in the veins of the Starks (I: 14, etc.)
  • The Starks are not as other men when it comes to their illegitimate children. They raise their bastards among their children and call them son or daughter openly (I: 55)
  • The Starks hold tournaments in disdain for being useless pageantry (I: 242)
  • Winterfell has hosted harvest festivities for centuries (II: 237)
  • "May your winters be short and your summers bountiful," is a common response to the swearing of oaths (II: 241)
  • The greatsword Ice is nearly as tall as a man (II: 597)
  • The role of the wardens are to defend their assigned regions from invaders, and are in theory the supreme generals of their area so as to avoid disunity (SSM: 1)