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3.2.3. Bannerhouses
  • House Ryswell of the Rills (I: 354. IV: 728. SSM: 1)
  • House Dustin (I: 354. SSM: 1)
  • House Hornwood (I: 476)
  • House Cerwyn of Castle Cerwyn (I: 476. II: 573)
  • By the time 12,000 men are gathered, there are perhaps 3,000 armored and mounted lances, of which 3-400 are knights (I: 476)
  • 18,000 men, among them hedge knights, sellswords, and freeriders, march south at the gathering of the northern banners. Another fifteen hundred are brought by the Manderlys (I: 497, 502)
  • Any one of the lords bannermen to the Starks commands more swords than can be found on the Wall (I: 653)
  • House Flint of Widow's Watch (I: 679. II: 190)
  • The lands of the Boltons and the Hornwoods are adjoined (II: 186)
  • House Locke of Oldcastle (II: 190, 722)
  • The Cerwyn castle and lands lie half a day's ride from Winterfell (II: 190)
  • The Hornwood lands are forested (II: 384)
  • Even with more than 20,000 northmen gone away, more than 2,000 men can still be mustered in the north, and that without several lords unrepresented (II: 672, 679)
  • House Magnar, lords on Skagos. Magnar means lord in the Old Tongue (III: 80, 550)
  • The Wulls are west of the mountains along the Bay of Ice (III: 275)
  • The Harclays are south of the mountains in the foothills (III: 275)
  • The Knotts, Liddles, Norreys, and even some Flints live in the high places in the mountains (III: 275)
  • Lord Wull is something of a proper nobleman, but he is known chiefly as the Wull. The Knott, the Norrey, and the Liddle are the same, called lords in Winterfell but not named lords by their own folk (III: 276)
  • House Stout, petty lords of Barrowton (III: 548, 567. IV: 728)
  • House Burley has their fastness in the mountains, just as the other mountain clans (III: 566, 615)
  • House Condon, who may be in the service of the Cerwyns (III: 567)
  • Lord Commander Rodrik Flint thought to make himself King-beyond-the-Wall (III: 612)
  • Barrowton and the Rills are castles (III: 615)
  • Lord Ryswell's castle is in or near the barrowlands (III: 628)
  • Some say that the Night's King was a Magnar, Flint, or Norrey (III: 630)
  • The men of Skagos call themselves the stoneborn, but other Northmen call them Skaggs (IV: 220)
  • The lords of the island of Skagos have little contact with the mainland and, although in theory subject to the Starks, in practice they go largely their own way (SSM: 1)
  • Some of the mountain families have keeps and fastnesses large enough to be called castles, though they would be small and rude by comparison to the castles of the south (SSM: 1)
  • The North and the Vale are approximately on par when it comes to military strength. However, the North's population is spread over a much greater area, and harvests are even more important when colder seasons draw near (SSM: 1)