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Concordance The Manderlys of White Harbor
  • The Manderlys follow the Seven (I: 497)
  • The Manderlys are able to bring nearly fifteen hundred men to the gathering of Northern banners; twenty-odd knights with as many squires, two hundred lances, swordsmen, and freeriders, and the rest foot armed with spears, pikes, and tridents (I: 497)
  • The castle at White Harbor was raised by King Jon Stark after he drove out sea raiders from the east (I: 613)
  • A barge can be taken some of the way from White Harbor to Winterfell (II: 179)
  • Fish and other seafood are shipped in casks filled with salt and seaweed (II: 238)
  • White Harbor's fishing is very good (II: 238)
  • The Manderlys can pack a dozen barges with knights, warhorses, soldiers, and siege engines (II: 589)
  • King's Landing is many times larger than White Harbor (III: 694)
  • There are silversmiths at White Harbor (III: 837)
  • White Harbor is a thriving port, and thanks to that the Manderlys are the richest bannermen of the Starks (V: 53)
  • The Manderlys were driven from the banks of the the Mander, the great river of the Reach, a thousand years ago. It is suggested that the river takes its name from the family, rather than the other way around (TSS: 128)
  • House Manderly is heavily into the concept of chivalry. As the major port in the north, they have the most contact and exchange with the south and have more of a mixed population (SSM: 1)
  • White Harbor is one of the five cities of Westeros. It is about the same size as Gulltown, but is much smaller than Lannisport and very much smaller than King's Landing or Oldtown (SSM: 1)