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Concordance The Karstarks of Karhold
  • The Karstarks are able to bring nearly two thousand foot and three hundred horse to the gathering of the northern banners (I: 474)
  • The Karstarks are said to have Stark blood in them from hundreds of years in the past (I: 474)
  • The Karstarks do not look like Starks. The are big, fierce men who often wear thick beards and their hair loose past their shoulders. Their cloaks are made of the pelts of bear and seal and wolf (I: 475)
  • Karstark men-at-arms wears black iron halfhelms and black woolen cloaks patterned with the white sunburst of the house (I: 477)
  • Karhold is a strong castle (III: 108)
  • The Karstarks and the men about their lands tend to be big men with thick beards and long hair (III: 226)
  • The mounted strength of Karhold amounts to some three hundred riders and twice as many mounts (III: 228)
  • Lord Rickard Karstark stood with Lord Eddard Stark on the Trident (III: 231)
  • The Karstarks trace their descent to Karlon Stark, a younger son of Winterfell who had put down a rebel lord a thousand years ago, and been granted lands for his valor. The castle he built had been named Karl's Hold, but over the centuries it became Karhold and the Karhold Starks became the Karstarks (III: 231, 232)