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Concordance The Umbers of Last Hearth
  • The Umber lands are along the shore of the Bay of Seals (II: 188)
  • The Umber lands are rich in pines and old oaks (II: 188)
  • The seat of the Umbers is named Last Hearth (III: 274)
  • The Umbers and their people are mostly east of the kingsroad, but they graze their sheep into the high meadows of the mountains during the summer (III: 275)
  • The Umbers were part of the host that defeated the brother Kings-beyond-the-Wall, Gendel and Gorne, when they broke out past the Wall some 3,000 years ago (III: 300)
  • Wildling raids have increased over the last years as the Watch has grown weaker, and so the places nearest the Wall have been raided so often that people have moved further south into the mountains or into the Umber lands east of the Kingsroad (III: 453)
  • The Umber lands are raided by wildlings on occasion, but not as often as those who live nearer to the Wall in the Gift (III: 453)
  • Some say the Night's King was an Umber (III: 630)