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4.1. Geography
  • There is no safe anchorage on Pyke (II: 121)
  • The shore of Pyke is full of jagged outcroppings of rock and cliffs of grey-black stone (II: 121)
  • The point of land on which Pyke was raised had once thrust out like a sword into the ocean, but the waves had broken and shattered it thousands of years past (II: 121)
  • Pyke is now three islands and a dozen stacks of towering rock (II: 121)
  • The Iron Islands are windy, cold, and damp (II: 122)
  • Around a point clad with pines, a castle stands guarding the village of Lordsport beneath it (II: 126)
  • Ravens can be used to send word to Pyke from the mainland (II: 127)
  • Old Wyk is one of the Iron Islands (II: 128)
  • Harlaw is one of the Iron Islands and lies a day's sail from Pyke(II: 129, 285)
  • Great Wyk is the largest of the Iron Islands, large enough that some lords have holdings that do not reach the sea (II: 129. IV: 21)
  • The Iron Islands are too rocky and sparse to breed good horses (II: 282)
  • Harlaw is a day's sailing from Pyke (II: 285)
  • Saltcliffe is one of the Iron Islands (II: 287)
  • Orkmont is one of the Iron Islands (III: 941)
  • Pebbleton is a small town of several thousand fisherfolk on Great Wyk (IV: 21, 26)
  • The Hardstone Hills of Great Wyk are well inland by ironborn standards (IV: 21)
  • The hill of Nagga, where the Grey King's Hall was said to have stood, is on Old Wyk (IV: 27, 28)
  • Longships can moore beneath Ten Towers (IV: 159)
  • Harlaw is not the largest of the Iron Islands, but it is the most populous and richest (IV: 165)
  • Nagga's Cradle is a bay on Old Wyk, its shore considered sacred as above it rises a grassy hill with Nagga's Ribs at its peak (IV: 255)
  • Nagga's Ribs are like great white trees, twice as wide as a dromond's mast and twice as long. There are forty-four of them (IV: 255, 267)
  • The Goodbrothers of Old Wyk have a castle near the shore, across the island from Nagga's Ribs (IV: 260)
  • The region of Sea Dragon Point and the Stony Shore of the North are ten times larger than all the Iron Isles combined (IV: 265)
  • Nine wide, rock-hewn steps lead to the top of the hill where Nagga's Ribs lie (IV: 268)
  • Beyond the hill of Nagga are the wind-blown hills of Old Wyk, and beyond those black, cruel mountains (IV: 268)
  • The most westerly of the inhabited islets of the Iron Islands is the Lonely Light, eight days to the northwest from Great Wyk amidst rookeries of seals and sea lions (IV: 271)
  • The combined Four Shields are smaller than Harlaw (IV: 436)