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4.2. The Greyjoys
  • The Lords Greyjoy still style themselves as Kings of Salt and Rock, Sons of the Sea Wind, and Lord Reapers of Pyke (I: 689)
  • The Greyjoys were the chief of the reavers of the Iron Islands (II: 131)
  • The jealousy and desire for heirship is such that in the distant past it has occasioned that brothers have murdered their own siblings at Pyke (II: 133)
  • The Seastone Chair is the seat of the Lord of Pyke (II: 284)
  • Nine-tenths of the Iron Fleet could sail in a ragged column extending for leagues (IV: 256)
  • The ships of the Iron Fleet are larger than longships, made for battle rather than raids. Most are equal in size and speed to lesser war galleys elsewhere in the Seven Kingdoms (IV: 474)
  • The only fleets comparable to the Greyjoy fleet in the Seven Kingdoms are the royal fleet and the Redwyne fleet based at the Arbor (SSM: 1)