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4.2.3. Bannerhouses
  • House Harlaw of Harlaw (I: 689. II: 129, 285. IV: 159)
  • House Stonehouse of Old Wyk, ruled by the Stonehouse (I: 689. II: 128. IV: 269)
  • House Merlyn of Great Wyk (I: 689, II: 287)
  • House Sunderly of Saltcliffe, ruled by a lord (I: 689. II: 287. IV: 702)
  • House Tawney of Orkmont, ruled by a lord (I: 689. III: 941. IV: 702)
  • House Wynch of Iron Holt, on Pyke, ruled by a lord (I: 689. II: 287, 733)
  • House Drumm on Old Wyk. The Drumm is also known as the Bone Hand, and is Lord of Old Wyk (II: 128, 733. IV: 699)
  • House Blacktyde of Blacktyde (II: 287)
  • House Sparr of Great Wyk, ruled by the Sparr (II: 287. IV: 18)
  • House Saltcliffe of Saltcliffe (II: 287)
  • Thirty longships can carry about 1,000 men (II: 290, 588)
  • House Farwynd of Great Wyk (III: 941)
  • House Volmark of Volmark, on Harlaw (III: 941. IV: 159, 701)
  • House Myre of Harlaw (III: 941. IV: 159)
  • House Stonetree of Harlaw (III: 941. IV: 159)
  • House Kenning of Harlaw (III: 941)
  • House Orkwood of Orkmont, ruled by a lord (III: 941. IV: 700)
  • Pebbleton is a small town of several thousand on Great Wyk, ruled by Lord Merlyn from his square tower. There are turrets upon each of its corners (IV: 21, 26)
  • Petty lords can be found all along the way from the Hardstone Hills to Pebbleton on Great Wyk (IV: 26)
  • The Harlaws have no rival on Harlaw. The Volmarks and Stonetrees have large holdings and many famed captains and warriors, but they bow before the Harlaw. The Myres and Kennings were once bitter foes of the Harlaws, but are now vassals (IV: 165-166)
  • Among the Harlaw of Harlaws vassals are various cadet branches of the house, each ruling a seat (IV: 166-168)
  • Orkwood of Orkmont can raise at least twenty longships (IV: 170)
  • House Codd's words are "Though All Men Do Despise Us". They make use of nets when they fight (IV: 170)
  • Humble lesser houses, of small lineage: Shepherds, Weavers, Netleys, and Humbles (IV: 258)
  • The Humbles are said to be the humblest of all the ironborn houses, descendants of thralls and saltwives (IV: 258)
  • House Sharp (IV: 259)
  • It's claimed that the Volmarks are the true heirs of the "black line", the descendants of Harren the Black (IV: 260)
  • The Farwynds are considered strange by the other ironborn. Holding lands on the westernmost shores of Great Wyk, many of their holdings are on the scattered rocks in the seas beyond, some so small only a single household can reside there. The most distant of these is the Lonely Light, eight days to the northwest from Great Wyk. It's claimed that there are skinchangers among the Farwynds, able to change into sea lions, walruses, and spotted whales (IV: 271)
  • House Ironmaker (IV: 272, 699)
  • The Drumm carries the famous Valyrian steel sword, Red Rain, which his ancestor Hilmar the Cunning took from an armored knight with his wits and a wooden cudgel. The Drumms have an old lineage with many heroes to its credit, including Roryn the Reaver, Dale the Dread, and Gormond the Oldfather who was said to have had had a hundred sons (IV: 273)
  • The ironborn can raise hundreds of ships. Each major house can likely command a hundred vessels (IV: 434-435. SSM: 1)
  • There might be as many as 500 longships and war galleys (IV: 473, 474)
  • House Farwynd of Sealskin Point, on Great Wyk (IV: 702)
  • House Myre was once involved in the hanging of ten men in a single day, which is commemorated on their arms (SSM: 1)