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5.2. The Tullys
  • The Tullys have river galleys with as many as eighteen oars at their command (III: 23)
  • The Tullys are not known for surrending easily (III: 32)
  • The Tullys send their dead into the river that gave them their strength. Lords are laid in slender wooden boats, clad in shining silver plate and mail armor, cloaks spread about them. A helm is placed beside their head, a shield is laid at their side, a sword is gripped in their hands is upon their chests, and a hunting horn is at their other side. The rest of the boat is filled with driftwood and kindly and scraps of parchment, and stones to make it heavy in the water (III: 392)
  • Seven men are chosen to push a funeral boat into the river, to honor the seven faces of god (III: 392)
  • The funeral boats have square sails and are rigged to run down the center channel of the Red Fork into the rising sun (III: 393)
  • The funeral boat is set alight by the lord's heir, using a bow and fire arrows (III: 393)