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Concordance The Freys of the Twins
  • The lord of the House is styled Lord of the Crossing (I: 533)
  • The Freys can gather nearly 4,000 soldiers (I: 533)
  • The Freys have held the crossing for six hundred years and grown wealthy on the fees for making use of their bridge (I: 535)
  • The bridge of the Twins is a massive arch of grey rock wide enough for two wagons to cross abreast. The Water Tower rises in the middle and commands road and river with arrow slits, murder holes, and portcullises (I: 535)
  • It had taken the Freys three generations to complete their bridge. When they finished, they raised stout wooden keeps at either end (I: 535)
  • Now the ends of the bridge are defended by squat, ugly, formidable castles that look exactly alike; high curtain walls, moats, oak-and-iron gates, the bridge footings starting from the inner keeps, barbicans and portcullises on either bank. The arrangement has been so for centuries (I: 535, 536)
  • The seat of the Freys is a tall chair of black oak, the back carved in the shape of two towers linked by a bridge (I: 538)
  • A game that may be unique to Frey children is lord of the crossing, where a child plays at being the lord. Holding a stick he guards the crossing over a pool of water (necessary to the game) and others challenge him. The only way to win is to slip "mayhaps" amidst the play oaths that the lord makes them swear and then to push him into the water. Only the lord carries a stick (II: 56-57)
  • Lord of the crossing usually comes down to shoving, hitting, and falling into the water, with many arguments over whether "mayhaps" has been said or not (II: 57)
  • House Erenford, sworn to House Frey. Their sigil is a heron (II: 739. IV: 569)
  • The villages of Hag's Mire and Sevenstreams are within the Frey lands, which seem to extend to the beginnings of the Blue Fork, and perhaps even beyond (III: 5, 6, 518)
  • At the Twins some say that eating frogs as the crannogmen do will cause teeth to turn green and moss to grow from armpits (III: 104)
  • The Freys can gather a force of some 1,000 horse and nearly 3,000 foot, and still leaving themselves with a strong garrison (III: 160)
  • Other houses of greater lineage look down on the Freys as upstarts (III: 162)
  • The Freys have sought to conquer Greywater in the Neck in the past, and have always failed. They do not like the crannogmen even still, however, and the crannogmen expect to be attacked by them (III: 278, 280)
  • House Charlton, sworn to house Frey. Their sigil is three springs of misteltoe (III: 385. IV: 569)
  • Counting Lord Hoster, Walder Frey has known four Lord Tullys (III: 559)
  • House Haigh, its emblem a pitchfork. They are sworn to House Frey (III: 564. IV: 569)
  • Merrett Frey, one of Lord Walder's sons by his third wife, served alongside Jaime Lannister as squire to Lord Sumner Crakehall. He was captured by Wenda the White Fawn and then ransomed, but shortly after took a blow to the head from one of the outlaws of the Kingswood Brotherhood that ended his fighting days (III: 916, 918, 920)
  • In the reign of Aerys I, the Freys married a daughter of the family to Lord Butterwell, who had been left without heirs after the Blackfyre Rebellion and the Great Spring Sickness. It's claimed that this marriage happened because Lord Frey's daughter had been caught abed with a scullion by her young brother, the heir Walder Frey, who screamed when he saw them in congress (TMK: 662, 679)
  • Ser Addam Frey, a cousin to Lord Butterwell's bride, was defeated at the wedding tourney by Ser Uthor Underleaf, a hedge knight called the Snail (TMK: 695)
  • Lord Frey abandoned the conspiracy to crown Daemon Blackfyre immediately when Prince Aegon, son of Prince Maekar, revealed himself to him and Lord Butterwell and claimed he and Ser Duncan were spies for his father (TMK: 722)
  • Lord Frey was permitted to depart Whitewalls by Lord Bloodraven, without any apparent loss to himself (TMK: 734)