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Concordance The Mallisters of Seagard
  • Jason Mallister cut down three of Rhaegar Targaryens bannermen at the Trident (I: 247)
  • Seagard was built to defend the coast from ironborn reavers (II: 131)
  • The Booming Tower is named so because of its immense bronze bell, used to call the townsfolk and others into the safety of the castle when longships were sighted (II: 131)
  • The bell of the Booming Tower was rung only once in three hundred years, when Rodrik Greyjoy ventured to raid Seagard during his father's rebellion. Jason Mallister slew him beneath the walls and threw the ironmen back into the bay (II: 131)
  • When Prince Rhaegar was young, he rode brilliantly in a tourney at Storm's End, defeating many notables, including Lord Jason Mallister (III: 485)
  • The Mallisters have some half dozen longships and two war galleys to protect their shores from raiders (III: 525)
  • The Cape of Eagles is near Seagard (III: 525)
  • Ser Denys Mallister once unhorsed Lord Tarly (father to Lord Randyll Tarly) and Lord Alester Florent in a tournament. He was a squire at 12, a knight at 18, and a tourney champion at 22, and he has since gone on to command the Shadow Tower for some 33 years (III: 888, 889)