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Concordance The Darrys of Darry
  • The Darry lands and castle are modest, half a day’s ride south of the Trident (I: 128)
  • The Darrys fought for the Targaryens in the War of the Usurper (I: 128, 241)
  • There is a song of Lord Deremond (who may have been a Darry) at the Bloody Meadow (II: 476)
  • There is a river named Darry between Harrenhall and the Trident (III: 39)
  • Ser Willem Darry was the master-at-arms of the Red Keep at least from the time that Prince Rhaegar was a boy (III: 91)
  • The Darrys once stood high in King Aerys’s favor, and had been prominent Targaryen loyalists. This cost them half their lands, most of their wealth, and almost all of their power (III: 918)
  • House Darry has ruled its lands since the Andals cast down the First Men in the lands watered by the Trident (IV: 445)
  • The keep of the Darry castle is called the Plowman's Keep (IV: 447)
  • Darry is a small castle as such things go, but the hunting is good along the river (IV: 447)
  • The Darrys were very loyal to the Targaryen kings, and kept tapestries of all the Targaryen kings from Aegon the Conqueror to Aerys the Second (IV: 448)
  • The Darry castle is large enough to hold at least a hundred men in its yards (IV: 455)
  • The sept of the Darry castle is off the inner ward. It is seven-sided but windowless, half-timbered with carved wooden doors and a tiled roof. The Seven loom above carved altars (IV: 455, 456)
  • The castle has a godswood (IV: 459)
  • At the time of Daemon Blackfyre's rebellion, Lord Darry was fiercely loyal to King Daeron the good (IV: 548)
  • The Darrys at one time controlled lands that included the old inn near the crossing of the Trident (IV: 548)
  • Lord Norbert Vance of Atranta and Ser Brynden Tully of Riverrun together served as squires to Lord Darry (IV: 567)
  • Ser Jonothor Darry, brother to Ser Willem Darry, was the second member of the Kingsguard to die at the Trident (SSM: 1)