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Concordance The Daynes of Starfall
  • Starfall sits on the shores of the Summer Sea (I: 55)
  • The Daynes may be largely violet-eyed (I: 55)
  • The Daynes have a famous greatsword, named Dawn whose blade is as pale as milkglass (I: 354)
  • The sister of Arthur Dayne, Ashara Dayne, threw herself into the sea after Eddard Stark brought her the familial sword Dawn which the Sword of the Morning carried (I: 407)
  • The sword Dawn was forged from the heart of a fallen star (II: 243)
  • Ser Arthur Dayne was Prince Rhaegar Targaryen's oldest friend (III: 90)
  • Arthur Dayne was said to be the only knight in the realm who was Prince Rhaegar's peer (III: 90)
  • At least some Daynes are fair-haired (III: 387, 493)
  • Edric Dayne, lord of Starfall, was born in the 287th year after Aegon's Conquest, the only son of the prior Lord Dayne who had been elder brother to Ser Arthur, Ashara, and the still-living Allyria (III: 493-495. SSM: 1)
  • Ashara Dayne threw herself from a tower at Starfall called the Palestone Sword (III: 495)
  • Allyria Dayne says her sister Ashara fell in love with Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell at the great tournament at Harrenhal, and killed herself because of a broken heart (III: 495)
  • The Smiling Knight was a madman, chivalry and cruelty all jumbled together, but he did not know the meaning of fear. When Ser Arthur Dayne broke the Kingswood Brotherhood, he fought against the squire Jaime Lannister and then against the Sword of the Morning with Dawn in his hands. The outlaw's sword had so many notches by the end that Ser Arthur had stopped to let him fetch a new one. When the robber knight told Dayne that it was Dawn that he wanted when the fight resumed, Ser Arthur responded that he would have it and made an end of it, killing him (III: 753)
  • Ulrik Dayne was a past Sword of the Morning, and clearly accounted one of the great warriors in 211, although it is not clear when he actually lived (TSS: 137)
  • Sword of the Morning is an office that some men of House Dayne are selected to hold if they're deemed worthy to carry Dawn (TSS: 137. SSM: 1, 2, SSM: 3)
  • A cadet branch of the family serve as vassals to Starfall, ruling as the Knights of High Hermitage, a castle in the mountains (IV: 300)
  • The Daynes and Oakhearts have fought one another for several thousand years (IV: 302)
  • The Daynes have existed for ten thousand years, to the dawn of days, it's said (IV: 304)
  • Ashara Dayne was not stuck in Starfall the entire time of the war, apparently, and was a lady in waiting to Princess Elia in the first few years of her marriage to Prince Rhaegar (SSM: 1)
  • Ashara Dayne's body was never recovered from the sea (SSM: 1)
  • Dawn is at least a few thousand years old, and beyond that matters grow hazy (SSM: 1)
  • The family is not descended at all from Valyrian blood (SSM: 1)
  • The greatsword Dawn has had an illustrious history (SSM: 1)