The Citadel

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10.1.1. Trade and Resources
  • Dornish summerwine and red wines are well known (I: 492. II: 91)
  • Lemons, olives, and pomegranates come chiefly from Dorne (III: 149)
  • Dornish yew is used to make longbows (III: 616)
  • Dornish plums (III: 743)
  • Strong Dornish wine (III: 747)
  • There are numerous bazaars in the shadow city (IV: 40)
  • Lime trees in Dorne (IV: 41)
  • Ships from the Free Cities, such as Volantis, trade at the Planky Town (IV: 186-187)
  • Dorne is said to be a poor country (IV: 187)
  • Water is almost as valuable as gold in the deserts, and wells are jealously guarded (IV: 298)
  • The Planky Town is at the mouth of the Greenblood. The orphans of the river go there to trade with galleys, carracks, and cogs from across the narrow sea (IV: 300)
  • Olive groves and other plants are grown with the aid of canals that bring water from streams and rivers (IV: 308)
  • Jars of olive oil (IV: 309)
  • Caravans take on supplies at Sunspear before crossing the deep sands to reach the Prince's Pass (IV: 594)