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10.2.2. The Water Gardens
  • A terrace overlooking the numerous pools and fountains of the Water Gardens, shaded by blood orange trees, can be reached by triple arches (IV: 30-32)
  • Pale pink marble paves the gardens and courtyard (IV: 30, 31)
  • Children from all ranks and areas of Dorne, and some from outside Dorne, live and play together at the Water Gardens. The youngest are five, the oldest no more than 9 or 10. They are divided equally between boys and girls (IV: 30, 32, 37)
  • The Water Gardens is a palace (IV: 30)
  • There are stables near the gates (IV: 30)
  • The Water Gardens is on a beach next to the sea (IV: 33)
  • Children lie down to take in the sunlight, swim in the sea, build sand castles, and other activities at the Water Gardens. Particularly popular are games in pools and fountains, such as climbing on one another's shoulders and trying to push their opponents into the water (IV: 33-34)
  • A gallery featuring fluted pillars leads from the terrace to a graceful archway (IV: 36)
  • There might be thirty guardsmen at the Water Gardens when the Prince is in residence (IV: 37)
  • The road from Sunspear to the Water Gardens runs beside the sea (IV: 38)
  • The Water Gardens is three leagues to the west of Sunspear (IV: 40)
  • There are lemon trees in the gardens (IV: 40)
  • Prince Maron built the Water Gardens as a gift to his Targaryen bride, to mark the union of Dorne to the rest of the Seven Kingdoms (IV: 188)
  • The Water Gardens are pleasant in autumn: hot days, cool nights, the salt breeze blowing in from the sea, and fountains and pools to admire and play in (IV: 188)