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12.2.3. Lys
  • Many Lyseni have blue eyes, and not a few have blond hair (I: 85, 492. III: 109)
  • Lys has access to the sea (I: 141)
  • Lys makes fine tapestries (I: 161)
  • Lys makes use of slaves (I: 213)
  • Lys is a group of islands (I: 488)
  • Lys is known for sweet, heady perfumes (I: 490)
  • Sweet red wines from Lys (I: 492)
  • White wines from Lys (I: 492)
  • Hair is worn curled and perfumed (I: 492)
  • The alchemists of Lys know how to make poisons, such as one consisting of a crystalized potion known as 'the strangler' among the maesters of Westeros (II: 15)
  • The poisoners of Lys are said to favor hollow rings filled with poisons (II: 16)
  • The red priests have a great temple on Lys (II: 113)
  • A Lyseni might eat a roasted gull stuffed with mushrooms, fennel, and onion (II: 115)
  • Lyseni relish rich foods such as snails and lampreys (III: 110)
  • Some Lyseni galleys have bronze figureheads (III: 110)
  • A very tall Lyseni youth (III: 261)
  • Lys is more populous than Astapor on Slaver's Bay, and may be one of the most populous of the Free Cities (III: 266)
  • Lyseni lancers (III: 347)
  • Lyseni, Braavosi, and Pentosihi are great lovers of song, and generous with those who please them (III: 356)
  • Lys fights over the Stepstones and the Disputed Lands (III: 433, 756. SSM: 1)
  • There are pleasure houses in Lys and Tyrosh (III: 479)
  • There may exist a love goddess peculiar to Lys (III: 664)
  • Lys appears to be a good market to sell slaves to (III: 809)
  • Lysene pirates can be found on and around the Stepstones (IV: 440)
  • It can be inferred that Lys is one of the southernmost Free Cities, along with Volantis (IV: 440)
  • Lyseni often haggle over prices (IV: 508)
  • Tales claim that half the whores in Lys have the silver-gold hair of the Valyrians (IV: 531)
  • Lys has a warm climate (V: 20)
  • There are Targaryen descendants probably existing in Lys, descendants of bastards of Prince Aerion Brightflame when he was exiled there by his father (SSM: 1)