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12.2.6. Myr
  • The lenscrafters of Myr are unsurpassed (I: 51)
  • Myr has fine carpets (I: 161)
  • A locket with a miniature painted in the vivid Myrish style (I: 233)
  • There is a Myrish song called "The Seasons of My Love" (I: 382. II: 292, 467, 576)
  • Myr makes intricate lace (I: 490)
  • Pale green nectar wines of Myr (I: 492. V: 22)
  • Myr has its own dialect of bastard Valyrian, separate from the other dialects of the Free Cities (I: 603)
  • Men of Myr are known as Myrmen (II: 12, 109)
  • Beautiful works of art, such as old carved figures of the Seven, could sell handsomely in Myr (II: 116)
  • Myrish also produces ornate carved screens depicting flowers and fancies and dreaming maidens (II: 174)
  • There are ungainly crossbows from Myr that can throw three quarrels at a time (II: 297)
  • People of the city seem to be dark-eyed, dark-haired, and olive skinned (III: 65. IV: 106)
  • Myr touches the sea (III: 113)
  • Sellswords are common in Tyrosh (III: 267)
  • Myr has magisters (III: 272)
  • Myr gives lavishly to passing khals (III: 272)
  • Ornate Myrish lace is sometimes used to decorate clothing, such as the deep vee of a bodice, in the Seven Kingdoms (III: 316)
  • Dove-grey Myrish lace (III: 316)
  • Myrish tend to have black hair and dark eyes (III: 321)
  • Myrish carpets are valuable (III: 408)
  • Myrish crossbowmen seem common (III: 440, 441)
  • Myrich lace the color of butter (III: 316)
  • A Myrish stilleto worn opposite an arakh with matching hilts shaped like naked and wanton golden women (III: 482)
  • Myrish lace used in a wedding gown (III: 667)
  • A far-eye from Myr can be called a Myrish eye (III: 779)
  • A splendid Myrish blanket (IV: 37)
  • Myr is far larger than the shadow city of Sunspear (IV: 40)
  • Myrish pirates can be found on and around the Stepstones (IV: 440)
  • Myr may have swamps (IV: 486)
  • Myr has a warm climate (V: 20)
  • Myrish fire wine (V: 72)