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12.4.3. Religion
  • Vaes Dothrak is the heart of the Dothraki sea and culture (I: 26, etc.)
  • When a khal marries, he most present his new bride to the dosh khaleen at Vaes Dothrak (I: 83)
  • The Dothraki believe that the moon is a goddess, wife to the sun (I: 198)
  • It is death to draw a blade in Vaes Dothrak (I: 296)
  • Only the crones of the dosh khaleen live permanently in Vaes Dothrak with their slaves and servants (I: 327)
  • The dosh khaleen have prophesized that one day all the Dothraki would die and return to the Mother, so the city must be ready to receive all its children (I: 327)
  • Shedding blood or drawing a blade is forbidden in Vaes Dothrak (I: 327)
  • In Vaes Dothrak, all Dothraki are of one great khalasar (I: 327)
  • A khal will ascend the Mother of Mountains to sacrifice to the gods for his safe return (I: 328)
  • Only men can set foot on the Mother of Mountains (I: 328)
  • In the heart-eating ceremony, a khal's bloodriders will kill a stallion and cut out its heart with stone knives. The khal will sit it before the khaleesi (I: 409)
  • When a khaleesi is pregnant, she must eat the entirety of the heart of a stallion before the crones of the dosh khaleen, to make her child a strong and fearless son. If she chokes or retches up the flesh, the child might be stillborn, weak, deformed, or female (I: 409)
  • No steel is allowed in sacred Vaes Dothrak, beneath the shadow of the Mother of Mountains (I: 410)
  • When the khaleesi successfully completes the eating of the heart, ritual phrases are said: "Khalakka dothrae mr'anha"(a prince rides inside of me), the response being "Khalakka dothrae" (the prince is riding) from the eldest of the dosh khaleen. The rest repeat that he rides and exclaim "Rakh! Rakh! Rakh haj!" (A boy, a boy, a strong boy) (I: 410)
  • Bells ring, warhorns sound, and the crones chant after the ritual phrases (I: 410)
  • The dosh khaleen read prophecies in the rising of smoke from the burning of dried grass (I: 411)
  • When a khal dies, his khaleesi joins the dosh khaleen to rule the Dothraki nation with them. Even the mightiest khals bow down before the authority and wisdom of the dosh khaleen (I: 411)
  • After the ceremony, the khaleesi will cleanse herself in the Womb of the World (I: 411)
  • Only those some may watch the heart-eating ceremony: the khal and his blood riders, the crones of the dosh khaleen, other khals of import and their wives, the chief men of the khalasar of the khaleesi, the handmaids of the khaleesi, and the servants and slaves of the khals (I: 411, 413)
  • The dosh khaleen is traditionally honored by newcomers to Vaes Dothrak with the traditional gifts of salt, silver, and seed (I: 490)
  • The Dothraki believe that the horses of fire that make up stars are ridden by dead Dothraki warriors. The more fiercely the man burned in life, the brighter his star would be in death (I: 671)
  • If a young child too young to ride should die, he will not ride in the nightlands but instead be reborn to begin life anew (II: 140)
  • The Dothraki believe in hell (II: 637)
  • The Dothraki pray (III: 86)
  • The Dothraki believe in a horse-god (SSM: 1)