The Citadel

The Archive of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Lore


12.8.1. Customs
  • For important events, gongs and strange horns that encircle the bodies of their users are sounded from the walls (II: 310)
  • Small children are used to greet important guests, scattering flowers in their path and wearing nothing but golden sandals and bright paint (II: 311)
  • The Qartheen eat such things as peacock and lark's tongue (II: 313)
  • The Pureborn are notorious for giving poisoned wine to those they deem dangerous (II: 420)
  • To receive an audience with the Pureborn, one should make a traditional sacrifice in the Temple of Memory, offer a traditional bribe to the Keeper of the Long List, and send a traditional persimmon to the Opener of the Door (II: 421)
  • When a person receives blue silk slippers, it announces that they are summoned to the Hall of the Thousand Thrones, where the Pureborn hear petitioners (II: 421)
  • The Qartheen weep often and easily, considering it a mark of the civilized person (II: 421)
  • When a man and woman marry, they each retain their property (II: 427)
  • The Qartheen have a wedding custom which holds that, on the day of the wedding, a wife may ask for a token of love from her husband, and the husband may ask the same of his wife. This gift cannot be denied (II: 427)