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12.8.3. Warlocks
  • Warlocks have white skin and blue lips (I: 225)
  • Warlocks have come to the Seven Kingdoms before (I: 225)
  • The warlocks believing bathing a man in the blood of a bull auroch will make him brave (I: 225)
  • The House of the Undying reputedly holds truth and wisdom, but some Qartheen call it the Palace of Dust (II: 311)
  • Warlocks dress in long, beaded robes (II: 312)
  • There is a saying in Qarth: "A warlocks house is built of bones and lies" (II: 312)
  • Men lower their voices when speaking of the warlocks of Qarth, and along across the east they're power and wisdom is held in reverence (II: 312)
  • Some claim that the warlocks were mightier in the past, but now they are but a shadow of what they once were (II: 312)
  • Warlocks read ancient scrolls and drink shade-of-the-evening until their lips turns blue (II: 312)
  • Warlocks can make an ointment which they claim can reveal the spirits of the air (II: 313)
  • The warlocks are seldom seen but much feared in Qarth (II: 422)
  • It is said that blue lips speak only lies (II: 424)
  • The House of the Undying is a grey and ancient ruin. It is long and low, without towers or windows, and is coiled through a grove of black-barked trees with inky blue leaves which are used to make the drink that the Qartheen call, "shade of the evening." Black tiles are on the roof, many of them fallen or broken. The mortar between stones is dry and crumbling (II: 508)
  • It is said that many people enter the Palace of Dust, but few come out (II: 508)
  • A person who would seek audience with the Undying Ones must enter their House alone or not at all (II: 509)
  • There is a path that leads directly between the street and the front entrance of the House of the Undying. However, a person who enters by the front way never leaves again (II: 509)
  • To navigate the House of the Undying, one must always take the first door on the right and always takes stairs up (II: 509)
  • To leave the audience chamber, a person must follow the same path; always up and always the first door to the right (II: 509)
  • The rooms of the House of the Undying are sometimes open to sight, and are filled with strange visions of many sorts; days that were, days that will be, days that never shall be, and visions of surpassing beauty or horror (II: 509)
  • The lives of the living are but the flicker of a moth's wing to the Undying (II: 509)
  • There is a door like a tall oval mouth set in a wall shaped like a human face outside of the building (II: 510)
  • Small dwarves no more than knee high with snoutish faces, garbed in purple and blue livery, act as servants in the House of the Undying (II: 510)
  • Before entering, a person seeking audience with the Undying must drink shade of the evening so that they may "hear and see the truths" that will be laid before them. It does not turn lips blue with just one dose; many must be taken (II: 510)
  • Shade of the evening tastes like all the tastes a person has ever tasted, and some that a person hasn't (II: 510)
  • There are all manners and styles of rooms and furnishings inside the House of the Undying (II: 510)
  • The chamber of the Undying is gloomy. A long stone table fills the room, above which floats a heart swollen and blue with corruption. It beats with a deep throbbing sound and each pulse sends out indigo light (II: 514)
  • Around the table are figures. They speak with voices that are part whisper and part moan, some male and some female (and one seems to speak with the sound of a child) (II: 514)
  • It is difficult to summon the will to speak in the chamber of the Undying (II: 514)
  • The Undying Ones are incredibly aged, their flesh a ripe violet blue, their lips and nails so blue that they are nearly black. Even the whites of their eyes are blue. They stare unseeing, and do not breathe or move (II: 514)
  • The Undying Ones speak strange, riddle-like prophecy. The whispers turn into a rhythmic song while a listener's heart starts to beat in time with the floating heart and then slow (along with breathing) more and more while the whispers seem to gain strength (II: 515)
  • The Undying Ones can send indigo phantasms into a room, showing scenes of the past and perhaps scenes of the future (II: 515-516)
  • The Undying Ones try to draw the life from a person tricked into their chamber (II: 516)
  • There are descriptions of rumored magical events in Qarth, some having to do with warlocks (II: 638)