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12.9.2. Yunkai
  • In Yunkai, eunuchs are often made by removing a boy's testicles, leaving the penis. This leaves them infertile, but some remain capable of erection (III: 261)
  • In Yunkai, slave swordsmen can be had for less than the price of their swords (III: 263)
  • There's a birchwood forest some three leagues south of Yunkai (III: 473, 487)
  • Yunkai can field an army of at least 4,000 men, and a 1,000 more of sellswords (III: 473)
  • Yunkai's harpy grasps a whipe and an iron collar in her talons (III: 473)
  • Yunkai has slave soldiers, but they are not equal to the Unsullied. The city is better known for training bed slaves than warriors (III: 473)
  • A slave in Yunkai learns the way of seven sighs and the sixteen seats of pleasure (III: 474)
  • The Yunkai'i speak Valyrian, but in a dialect somewhat different from that of Astapor (III: 476)
  • The slavers of Yunkai name themselves the Wise Masters (III: 476)
  • An envoy on a great white camel, escorted by fifty men on magnificent black horses (III: 479)
  • The Yunkai'i have helms twice as tall as their heads, so as not to crush the bizzar twists and towers and shapes of their oiled hair. They dye their linen skirts and tunics a deep yellow, and sew copper disks to their cloaks (III: 479)
  • Yunkish golden marks stamped with a stepped pyramid on one side and the harpy of Ghis on the other (III: 480)
  • Yunkai is made of yellow bricks, but otherwise it is very similar to Astapor with the same crumbling walls and high stepped pyramids, and a great harpy mounted above its gates (III: 487)
  • The Yunkai'i use slingers (III: 487)