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13.4. Strange Creatures
  • Mammoths are said to roam the icy lands beyond the Port of Ibben (I: 102)
  • Centaurs are believed in, existing in myths and legend (I: 191)
  • Basilisks infest the jungles of Yi Ti (I: 197)
  • Manticores prowl the islands of the Jade Sea (I: 197)
  • Stinging manticores, some described as gaping and small enough to fit in silver cages (I: 444, 490)
  • Terrible walking lizards with scythes for claws (I: 444)
  • Basilisk venom (II: 193)
  • Basilisks exist and are, in some places, used to fight other animals (such as dogs) as wagers are made on the outcomes. A basilisk is able to tear a dog to pieces (II: 642)
  • Manticores can be small enough to fit in a box. They can fold up to seem almost like a glittering scarab carved of onyx and emerald. They hiss as they unfold. Their faces are black, malign, and almost human and they have arched tails that drip venom (II: 644)
  • Giant krakens are said to be in the Summer Sea (III: 98)
  • Monstrous, man-eating pale lizards lurk in the sewers of Meereen (III: 810)
  • Manticore poison kills instantly upon reaching the heart, unless some agent is used to thicken it and delay its fatal effects (IV: 110)
  • Creatures called firewyrms, possibly akin to dragons, are said to exist in the mines and caverns beneath the Fourteen Flames of Valyria. They breathe flames, but have no wings, instead boring through soil and stone. The youngest are as skinny as a girl's arm, but they can grow to monstrous size (IV: 321)
  • A paste spiced with basilisk blood, which gives meat a savory scent but which induces a violent madness in any creature with warm blood, whether man or beast (IV: 516-517)