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2.2.6. Greyjoy’s Rebellion
  • Balon Greyjoy's rebellion took place nine years before the start of the first book. It was the last time Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon had seen each other (I: 33)
  • Balon Greyjoy proclaimed himself King of the Iron Isles (I: 33)
  • Greyjoy's stronghold fell to the forces of the Seven Kingdoms, and Lord Greyjoy tendered his surrender. His son Theon, ten years of age at the time, was taken as ward of Eddard Stark (I: 33. II: 123)
  • The warrior-priest Thoros of Myr scaled the walls of Pyke with a flaming sword in hand (I: 247)
  • Gregor Clegane was one knight amongst thousands when Greyjoy's Rebellion was put down (I: 263)
  • Balon Greyjoy wore his crown for only a season (II: 85)
  • Balon Greyjoy took his crown in an attempt to bring back the Old Way (II: 125)
  • The stronghold of the Botleys and the village of Lordsport beneath it were razed by Robert Baratheon as he put down the rebellion. It was later rebuilt in stone (II: 126)
  • The sept of Lordsport was also destroyed by Robert Baratheon's forces, but unlike the stronghold of the Botleys and the village it was never rebuilt (II: 126)
  • Rodrik Greyjoy, son to Balon Greyjoy, assaulted Seagard during his father's great rebellion. Jason Mallister slew him beneath the castle's walls and threw the ironborn reavers back into the sea (II: 131)
  • Robert Baratheon breached the south tower along the wall of Pyke, collapsing it (II: 132)
  • Maron Greyjoy, the second of Balon Greyjoys sons, was killed in the collapse of the old south tower along the curtain wall (II: 136)
  • The final battle during the rebellion was at Pyke. When the wall of the castle was breached, Thoros of Myr was the first to go through, but Jorah Mormont was not far behind. He won his knighthood for that act of valor (II: 146)
  • To celebrate his victory, King Robert had a tourney held in Lannisport (II: 146)
  • Jorah Mormont won the champion's laurels at Robert's tournament, and because of this received the permission of Lord Leyton Hightower to wed his daughter, Lynesse (II: 146)
  • Victarion, Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet and brother to Lord Balon Greyjoy, sailed into Lannisport with his other brother Euron Croweye during Balon's rebellion and burned the ships there. Victarion is a fearsome warrior, sung of in the alehouses, but it was Euron who made the plan (II: 284)
  • Thousands of men were mustered by King Robert at Pyke (II: 646)
  • Barristan the Bold led the attack on Old Wyk during Balon Greyjoy's Rebellion (III: 752)
  • The Iron Fleet was caught and smashed in a trap by Stannis Baratheon off the coast of Fair Isle. Aeron Greyjoy's ship, Golden Storm, was broken in half by Stannis's ship Fury during that battle (IV: 25)
  • The Faith was little tolerated on the Iron Islands following the failure of the rebellion (IV: 160)
  • Lord Rodrik Harlaw's sister, Lady Gwynesse, took up permanent residence at Ten Towers out of mourning for her husband, who died off Fair Isle during Greyjoy's Rebellion (IV: 160)
  • Lord Rodrik Harlaw's two sons were killed off Fair Isle during Greyjoy's Rebellion (IV: 167)
  • Balon Greyjoy proclaimed himself king beneath Nagga's Ribs, and was crowned by the priest Tarle the Thrice-Drowned with a driftwood crown (IV: 255)
  • Baelor Blacktyde, Lord of Blacktyde, was a child when he was taken away to Oldtown as a hostage following the end of the rebellion; his father died in the war. He returned after eight years as a follower of the Seven (IV: 259)
  • Ser Balman Byrch defeated a number of knights at the tourney in Lannisport following the defeat of Balon Greyjoy (IV: 359)
  • Lord Balon believed that few lords would support Robert in supressing his rebellion (SSM: 1, 2)