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6.3. The Clans
  • Even the Lord of the Eyrie rides past his Bloody Gate only in strength, for fear of marauding clansmen (I: 240)
  • Raiders from the clans might spare a woman they've captured from death if she's still young enough to bear children (I: 278)
  • The clans include the Milk Snakes, the Moon Brothers, the Stone Crows, the Black Ears, the Burned Men, the Painted Dogs, and the Sons of the Mist (I: 279, 507. II: 517. III: 732)
  • The clansmen wear mismatched armor, things they have looted in the past (I: 280)
  • Clansmen have but a single name, but they state who their father was as well (I: 384)
  • Lowland lords have made promises; and broken them; to the clansmen in the past (I: 507)
  • The clans believe that every man's voice should be heard in council, even their women (I: 508)
  • It has been hundreds of years since the clans have threatened the Vale with anything more than occasional raids (I: 508)
  • The clans used small, scrawny garrons that are as surefooted as goats (I: 508)
  • The Moon Brothers and the Black Ears have strong bonds together (I: 508)
  • The Burned Men are feared by all other clans, for they mortify their flesh with fire to prove their courage (and, so its claimed, roast babies at feasts) (I: 508)
  • A Burned Man typically burns off a nipple or a finger when coming to manhood. The truly brave might choose an ear. An especially fearsome Burned Man might put out an eye; for doing this he would be named a red hand, a sort of war chieftain (I: 508)
  • There are at least three thousand warriors among the clans (I: 512)
  • The Black Ears cut the ears from their opponents and wear them openly. They do not kill the men they take the ears from; they say it as a braver thing to leave the man alive so he might try to win his ear back (I: 513. II: 48)
  • Clans might demand blood money of other clans for perceived wrongs, such as the killing of a member of the clan (I: 565)
  • The Burned Men might rattle swords and spears in show before a battle, but they do not shout (I: 573)
  • The clans can be fiercely loyal, but quarrelsome and proud as well, usually answering threats real or imagined with steel (II: 46)
  • The clansmen will take all the grain they can from raided villages, and all the women as well regardless of whether they are wedded or not (III: 732)