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7.2.2. Lannisport
  • The Lannister lord styles himself Shield of Lannisport (I: 513)
  • The watchmen of the city are members of the City Watch (THK: 458)
  • There are skilled goldsmiths in the city (II: 93)
  • Lannisport teems with distant kins to the Lannisters: Lannys, Lannetts, Lantells, and other lesser Lannisters. Many of them have the yellow hair (IV: 305)
  • During the first Blackfyre Rebellion, Lord Lefford was killed in battle outside the gates of Lannisport by Ser Quentyn Ball, who fought for the black dragon (TMK: 669)
  • The city is much smaller than King's Landing or Oldtown, but is in turn much larger than Gulltown or White Harbor (SSM: 1)
  • Lannisport's City Watch is known to be very well-trained, compared to that of King's Landing or Oldtown (SSM: 1)