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9.2.1. Storm’s End
  • West of Storm's End is a large, old grove of trees (II: 344)
  • Between the grove and the castle there are fields and stony ridges (II: 345)
  • The songs say that Storm's End was raised in ancient days by Durran, the First Storm King (II: 345)
  • Storm's End is reputedly the seventh castle that Durran built at that site, made with the aid of the children of the forest or the young Brandon the Builder (II: 345)
  • It's said that Storm's End has stood for tens of centuries (II: 345)
  • Storm's End has a great curtain wall a hundred feet high, unbroken by arrow slits or posterns. It is rounded, curving, and smooth, its stone so well fit together that there are now crevices, gaps, or angles where the wind might enter (II: 345)
  • The curtain wall was forty feet thick at its narrowest and nearly eighty feet thick on the seaward face, a double course of stones with an inner core of sand and rubble (II: 345)
  • Within the walls, the kitchens and stables and yards shelter safe from wind and wave (II: 345)
  • Storm's End has but one tower, a massive drum tower which is windowless where it faces the sea and so large that it was granary, barracks, feast hall, and lord's dwelling all together (II: 345)
  • The top of the tower is crowned by massive battlements, so that from a distance it might seem a spiked fist atop an arm thrust up towards the sky (II: 345)
  • The shore Storm's End is near is rocky (II: 453)
  • Storm's End is ancient, its stones woven with spells so that no magic can pass. The spells are forgotten, but still In place (II: 455)
  • Storm's End seaward face is perched upon a cliff of chalky white stone sloping up from the sea about 150 feet, half again the height of the curtain wall (II: 455)
  • A tunnel in the cliff leads to a cavern under Storm's End, where the storm lords of old had built their landing (II: 455)
  • The passage outside of the cliff to the cave entrance can be navigated only at high tide and was always treacherous because of jagged rocks (II: 455)
  • There are even a few jagged fingers of rock just within the cave mouth (II: 455)
  • Torches are generally kept lit in the cavern (II: 455)
  • There are murder holes in the ceiling of the cavern (II: 455)
  • A portcullis stops passage at a point after a boat has passed beneath the walls. It goes all the way to the bottom and its bars are so narrow that not even a child might squeeze through (II: 455)
  • There is a godswood in Storm's End (II: 522)