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9.3. Songs, Stories, and Legends
  • The songs say that Storm's End was raised in ancient days by Durran, the First Storm King who had won the love of Elenei, the daughter of the sea god and the goddess of the wind. On their wedding night, Elenei yielded up her maidenhood for mortal love and doomed herself to a mortal's death. Her parents were so wroth that they unleashed a terrible storm which battered won Durran's keep and killed his friends, brothers, and wedding guests. Durran survived only because Elenei wrapped him in her arms and sheltered him from the falling stones. At dawn, the storm abated and Durran declared war upon the gods (II: 345)
  • It is said that Durran built one castle another, each larger and stronger than the last, only to see them all broken by the storms from Shipbreaker Bay. His lords begged him to build inland, his priests told him to placate the gods by returning Elenei to them, and even his smallfolk begged him to stop (II: 345)
  • Durran's seventh castle, the present Storm's End, was able to weather the storms. Some say this is because the children of the forest helped him build it, imbuing the stones with magic, while others claimed a small boy who would grow up to be Brandon the Builder told him what to do (II: 345)
  • It's said that Storm's End has stood for tens of centuries (II: 345)
  • Marchers are said to know only marcher ballads, all a hundred verses longs (III: 147)
  • In Tarth and the stormlands, Ser Galladon of Morne, the Perfect Knight, is sung of. It's claimed the Maiden lost her heart to him because of his perfect valor, and gave him an enchanted sword called the Just Maid that could not be checked by sword or shield. He only unsheathed her three times, and never against a mortal man because the sword was too potent. Ser Galladon once slew a dragon with the Just Maid (IV: 282)