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House Brax of Hornvale

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General Information

House Brax is one of the chief bannerhouses of the Lannisters. Lord Andros Brax once came to Riverrun to attempt to marry one of his sons to Catelyn or Lysa Tully. His heir is Ser Tytos, and he has two younger sons, Ser Robert and Ser Flement. He also has a brother, Ser Rupert Brax.

Ser Flement is wed to Lady Morya, a daughter of Lord Walder Frey, who has given him three sons. One of them, named Robert, is fostered at Casterly Rock as a page.


Lord Andros was killed in battle before Riverrun, drowned in his armor, making Ser Tytos the new lord of the house. However, Tytos had already been captured previously at the Whispering Woods and is held at the Twins. Ser Rupert Brax, Lord Andros’s brother, was among the dead at Oxcross. Ser Robert Brax was killed at the Battle of the Fords. Ser Flement is now his brother’s heir, and was among those honored for their role in defeating Stannis Baratheon at the Blackwater.