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House Crabb

Arms Unknown

General Information

The Crabbs are one of the houses of Crackclaw Point, and so consider themselves vassals direct to the Iron Throne (and, perhaps, to House Targaryen even now). The only member appear is Nimble Dick Crabb. Another Crabb to be mentioned is the legendary Ser Clarence Crabb, a giant of a man so big that he rode an aurochs. He defeated dragons, wizards, and famous knights, and took their heads to his keep where his wood witch wife kissed them and made them talk; they gave good counsel, and led the keep to be called the Whispers. Finally, there were three Crabbs who were once a part of the Kingsguard: Clement, Rupert, and Clarence the Short (who was six feet tall, but was short compared to the legendary Ser Clarence Crabb).

The Whispers has been in ruins for a thousand years or more, and its name actually comes from the sound made by waves washing against the cliffs below the castle and entering tunnels. There was once a beacon tower in living memory, and a smuggler’s cove, but when the tower and the cliff it rested on collapsed the smuggler’s stopped coming. What seat the Crabbs now have is unknown.

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