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House Dondarrion of Blackhaven

Forked purple lightning on black field speckled with 4-pointed stars

General Information

Blackhaven sits near the Boneway in the Marches. Given a message to carry to the Storm King, the first Dondarrion was riding in the night through the Dornish Marches when two Dornishmen attacked him. His death seemed to be coming upon him when a purple lightning fell from the sky, forking to strike both of the attackers dead. The message was vital to the king’s victory in his campaign against Dorne, and so the messanger was rewarded with a lordship.

The only members of the house to appear or been mentioned are the current lord of the house, the handsome and gallant Lord Beric Dondarrion, and the Lord Dondarrion and his heir Ser Manfred from the days of Daeron II’s reign. Lord Beric is married to Lady Allyria of House Dayne, aunt to his squire Edric Dayne who is Lord of Starfall.


Lord Beric was chosen by the Hand, Lord Eddard Stark, to lead an expedition against Ser Gregor Clegane after his reaving through the riverlands. With Thoros of Myr and a band of men, including some of Lord Stark’s guard, Lord Beric attacked the Lannisters but failed to achieve their charge. They have continued their raiding to date, although several Lannister men have claimed to have killed Lord Beric half-a-dozen times, and with good reason.

Lord Beric has been resurrected multiple times by the power of the red priest and famous warrior Thoros of Myr. This resurrection has sapped Lord Beric’s sense of humanity and his memory, to the point where he seems to desire a final death. Until then, he and the brotherhood without banners—a group of broken men, fugitives, deserters, and others—continue to fight to protect the smallfolk in King Robert’s name.

Most recently, they captured the Hound and then released him after a trial by combat which he won, and they had Arya Stark for a time until the Hound kidnapped her. Lord Beric dies for the last time and now the resurrected, mad and mute Catelyn Stark leads one part of their company and seems to be directing them towards a particular animosity against the faithless, guest-slaying Freys and the Lannisters whom they serve.