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House Mallister of Seagard

A silver eagle displayed on indigo

General Information

Seagard is a strong castle north of Riverrun on Ironman’s Bay, near the Cape of Eagles, that was built to watch the sea for the approach of ironborn reavers. The Booming Tower is named for the great bronze bell within which was used to call in the townsfolk and farmers to the safety of the castle. The bell has been rung only once in three hundred years, during Greyjoy’s Rebellion. Rodrik Greyjoy led his father’s ships to assault Seagard but was slain beneath the walls by Lord Jason Mallister. Their motto is, “Above the Rest.”

Lord Jason, a formidable warrior, had cut down three of Rhaegar’s bannermen at the Trident during Robert’s rebellion. His heir is Patrek Mallister.

Information about House Mallister that reveals spoilers from the books.