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House Seaworth

A black ship, an onion proper on its sail, on pale grey

General Information

The first of the house, Ser Davos, was an infamous smuggler who managed to slip past the Redwyne blockade of Storm’s End during Robert’s Rebellion. He managed to save the besieged castle from starvation and defeat, but young Stannis arrested him for the criminal he was. He ruled that Davos should lose the fingers of one hand, and removed them himself at Davos’s request. Then he rewarded Davos for his courage, giving him knighthood and a keep with lands in the Cape of Wrath.

Ser Davos has seven sons by his wife Marya, a former carpenter’s daughter. His eldest son and heir is Dale, captain of the Lady Marya, and his fifth son Devan is squire to Lord Stannis.

Information about House Seaworth that reveals spoilers from the books.