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House Whent of Harrenhall

Nine black bats, 4-3-2, on yellow

General Information

The sixth house to hold Harrenhal after Aegon’s Conquest, House Whent recieved the lordship after the ending of the Lothston line. The Whents have met with disaster as all the previous families who held the castle have, with no Whents remaining save Lady Shella and Wynafrei Whent, wife to one of Lord Walder Frey’s sons. Ser Oswell Whent was one of the Kingsguard who died before the Tower of Joy facing Lord Eddard Stark and six companions.

Ser Oswell Whent was brother to the Lord Whent who hosted the great tournament at Harrenhal in honor of his maiden daughter and to show off his pride in his four sons who acted as her champions alongside their famous uncle.

Information about House Whent that reveals spoilers from the books.