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Ser Loras Tyrell

Three golden roses on green

General Information

Ser Loras Tyrell is the third and youngest son of Lord Mace Tyrell, and is called the Knight of Flowers. A prodigy, Ser Loras has won tournaments and melees against some of the finest knights in the Seven Kingdoms. He was squire to Renly Baratheon before achieving knighthood.

On occasion, Ser Loras bore three golden roses on his shield, to denote his status as third son.


Siding with Renly (who was in fact his lover) after King Robert’s death, Loras became Lord Commander of the Rainbow Guard. After Renly’s death, Loras went into a rage and Ser Robar Royce and Ser Emmon Cuy of the Rainbow Guard, whom he blamed for allowing the murder.

Later, Ser Loras and the Tyrells joined with the Lannisters against King Stannis, and it is said that the Knight of Flowers fought gloriously. He became the newest member of the Kingsguard. He stayed near his sister Queen Margaery, and became friends with King Tommen. When news arrived that the ironborn had taken the Four Shields, he urged Queen Cersei to send the Redwyne fleet (presently blockading Dragonstone and Storm’s End) to the Reach, but she refused unless Dragonstone fell. Ser Loras then asked to be given charge of the siege, which Queen Cersei was happy to grant.

Dragonstone fell shortly after Ser Loras’s arrival, as he commanded that the citadel be stormed rather than waiting for Lord Redwyne’s mining endeavor. The loss of life was large, with nearly 1,000 men dead, mostly those under his command. He himself fought bravely, personally leading the attack and fighting on despite numerous wounds, but finally a pot of boiling oil was poured on him.

His chances for survival were deemed as practically non-existent, but news of his death has not yet arrived.