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Magic, the Darrys, and POVs

I was wondering if Valyrian steel could stand against the swords of the Others and also if they could kill Others.

The Night's Watch would like to know as well.

In ACoK it was mentioned that the Darrys line had been ended except for a unnamed bastard. Since in ASoS we learned that the Darrys had stayed loyal to the Targaryen and lost most of their power for it, and since a Darry saved Dany, I was wondering if Dany was going to meet the bastard and legitimize him?

Anything is possible. Some Freys have Darry blood as well, though.

Bran often speaks of the crow teaching him how to "fly". Is it fly in the physical sense or fly in the sense of improving his minds ability to leave his body.

No comment.

Also, I have heard that Bran and Arya will spend AFfC training and that they will have the least amount of POV chapters. Is that true???

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