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Writing Direwolves, Valyrian, Lyanna and Harrenhal, and Giants

[Fan thanks GRRM for participating in the forum.]

Thanks. I have to admit, though, that the number of questions is getting to be overwhelming, especially in this topic. Good thing I'm only doing this for a week.

[GRRM is asked about the correct interpretation of Bran's vision concerning the stone giant.]

Sorry, but you'll have to interpret the dreams and visions yourself.

[What's it like trying to write sections from the point of view of the direwolves?]

Impossible, really. I keep staring at the drafts and saying, "a wolf wouldn't know that word." Of course, a wolf wouldn't know ANY words, really. And writing without any words is hard. All I can do is try to flavor those sections, to suggest that the wolf is perceiving the world much differently than a man would... but I'm always wondering if I have gone too far, or not far enough.

Yes, the wolf scenes are killers.

[How developed is Valyrian?]

"How little" have I developed Valyrian is the real question. I am not, alas, J.R.R. Tolkien, and I cannot imagine taking a decade to actually work up not one, but two, entire languages. I have something like eight words of Valyrian. When I need a ninth, I'll make one up.

Sorry if that disillusions any of you. It's all smoke and mirrors, kids.

[Will we learn more concerning Lyanna and Harrenhal?]

Yes, you'll hear more about Lyanna and Harrenhal.

[Any link between the giants in the series and the New York Giants?]

Absolutely no link. Clever notion, though. And go G-Men!