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A Number of Questions

[Summary: Words of praise, particularly for the surprising plot twists.]

Thanks for the kind words. I'm pleased I was able to keep you surprised.

I have six questions; I hope that doesn't overwhelm you. Feel free to take the fifth on any of these.

You keep upping the ante; are you concerned that A Dance With Dragons won't be able to top this one, as this improved on ACOK, and ACOK improved on AGOT?

Yes, of course. In any series like this, you are always concerned about the next book. The last thing you want to do is fumble at the goal line.

Have you started A Dance With Dragons yet?

Well, not the writing, but thinking about it, yes...

If not, do you have any idea when you will?

After worldcon.

Could you reveal any "dead" POV's (like Cat's, Theon's, and Ned's), and maybe the new ones too (Rickon, mayhaps)?


Is it well known that Renly and Loras are gay? (Jaime's comment seems to indicate as much.)

What do you think?

Do you have any idea what Rhaenys and Aegon looked like? (Hair color, eye color, etc.)

Rhaenys looked more like a Martell, Aegon more a Targaryen.

That's it for me. Good luck on the next book...