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In an e-mail to a fan a few years back GRRM stated that Dorne could raise roughly the same number of troops as the North and the Vale. Is this still true?

Did not technically answer the question. He mentioned the size difference between the North and Dorne and talked about the climates for each. He also mentioned that Dorne likes to exaggerate their numbers a bit so as not to seem militarily weak to the other great houses. Reminded us that the men in Westeros have medieval type education. Not every man can count, not every man can read. Gave the example of different mens viewpoints regarding the same army. The first mans count would be 10,000 men. The second man seeing the same host would say it was 5,000...

When did Robert proclaim his intention to take the throne? At the outset of the war, or was it a relatively late development?

Robert proclaimed his intention to take the throne ... around the time of the Trident. Would not elaborate any further. Mentioned Robert's claim being stronger than Eddard Stark's and Jon Arryn's, the leaders of the two other great houses that spearheaded the revolution, due to blood ties to the Targaryen's.


He has had numerous offers to get a video game made based on world of Westeros. However, no company has stepped up to the plate in meeting his three major concerns. The three concerns he listed were:

1. Money. He will not give up the rights without getting some form of payment up front.

2. Size of the video game company. He will not hand over the rights to a fly by night video game company that may or may not be in business next year.

3. Type of game. He is only interested in creating an RPG type video game. Absolutely no first person shooters.