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so at miscon 2012, george r.r. martin read not one but two chapters from winds of winter!

he also answered a pressing and important question: what word did brienne of tarth scream in feast for crows?

[Note: I've redacted the The Winds of Winter chapter reading report. You can read it at the forum, along with other chapter reading reports.]

anyway after he finished reading the chapters, he opened the floor to some discussion about the plot of asoiaf, and some amazing genius girl said: you know my friends and i were debating this pretty heavily in the lobby just today, brienne screams “one word” as she is being hung by lady stoneheart’s men in a feast for crows - what was the word?

george turned the question on the audience and asked if anyone had figured it out - we shouted all kinds of dumb stuff, “jaime”, “sapphires”, etc. but some other genius in the second row said “sword”!

george confirmed that the word brienne screamed was “sword”; lady stoneheart gave brienne the choice of either swearing her sword to her or being hung, saying “sword or noose”, and as brienne was being hung she screamed “sword”

the questions moved on for some time, but then a girl asked “well what about podrick payne? he was getting hung with brienne!” and george confirmed that brienne had made the decision to swear her sword to stoneheart in order to save the innocent podrick payne from the noose

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[Note: This is a Spanish translation of an interview originally published in the English version of Rolling Stone.]

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Religions of Game of Thrones

[NOTE: While we do not normally include HBO's videos for the Game of Thrones series, we make an exception here because Martin makes two statements that are relevant to the novels: one, that Theon Greyjoy (and his brothers) were "properly" drowned when children, as opposed to the sort of baptismal bath that infants now often receive; and two, an explicit connection of Stannis Baratheon to the prophecy of "the prince who was promised", clearly indicating that this prophecy and the prophecy of Azor Ahai reborn deal with the same prophesized savior.]

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