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Preview 02: Screencap 127

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All the legitimate Stark children together, save little Rickon. Sansa looks both quite tall and quite lovely here.

We are fairly sure this is from the pilot shoot, by the by

Not so sure any longer, as it seems they can be seen in clips which we’re sure are post-pilot. Just some variety in helmets among the Stark guards? Or perhaps a helmet design from the pilot that they needed to reuse to get helms on enough heads?

In any case, as far as those helms go, the reason we think they originate from the pilot is that they seem to have a rather more fantastical look compared to the bascinet-style visorless helms they have in all the other, post-pilot shots we have. I’m glad that in the main the Stark men-at-arms are brought nearer to reality in this regard, as I’m not a great fan of the more fantastical shapes that aren’t rooted in actual historic designs (ala the Kingsguard helms).

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