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This depiction of Jerome Flynn as Bronn certainly captures the character’s ferocity in battle—he’s an uncompromising swordsman, a sellsword who makes his living fighting and killing for coin. He also, as it happens, captures something of the character’s lowly origins with his unkempt hair and unshaven face.

The weapon he holds appears to either be a sword—described in the books as an “ugly sword” that “seemed a part of his arm” due to the skill he used it with—or possibly a dagger or dirk with which to mercilessly dispatch an enemy. His armor is interesting, in that it looks like something suitable to a poorer knight. The construction of it makes it look like lamellar armor using hard, leather scales bound together to one another. It’s not quite what is described in the books, “oiled black ringmail”, but the color is right and the sense of it being a common sellsword’s equipment is certainly there.

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