Game of Thrones

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Brienne of Tarth

"Brienne the Beauty"

The only child of Lord Selwyn of Tarth, Brienne was never like other women—very tall and ungaily as a girl, and with a very plain appearance marked by a broad, coarse face with many freckles, crooked teeth, and more. Her father let her train at arms, due to her size (some 6’6” feet) and strength. When Lord Renly called his supporters to him at Highgarden, Lord Selwyn sends Brienne with the Tarth contingent. A skill warrior, her armor is enamelled blue, one of the colors of Tarth which is known as the Sapphire Isle for the blue of its waters.

The actress cast in the role is older than Brienne in the novel, and certainly much more beautiful to look at—it will be interesting to see what makeup does with her appearance. She is also certainly nothing like so broad and muscular as Brienne is described.


Season Three

Brienne defeats Jaime in combat after he gets ahold of a sword and tries to kill her, but they are discovered by Locke, a northern soldier dispatched by Lord Bolton to find Jaime. Both are taken prisoner and carried away to Harrenhal. Brienne is threatend with rape, but Jaime intervenes to prevent this. Lord Bolton ultimately apologizes for Locke’s actions, but makes it clear they are both prisoners. While Brienne is bathing, Jaime enters and joins her in the tub, and finally reveals to her the truth of the Sack of King’s Landing: he killed Aerys in part because Aerys had prepared caches of wildfire with which to destroy the city. Lord Bolton meets with them later and reveals that he will send Jaime to King’s Landing, but he is leaving Brienne in Harrenhal… a Harrenhal which he will be leaving to Locke as he himself goes to Robb Stark’s wedding at the Twins. Jaime forces his escort to take him back, however, when he realizes this. He arrives in the nick of time, saving her from the bear pit into which she has thrown, and forcing Locke to relinquish her. The two arrive in King’s Landing in the company of former maester Qyburn.