Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show



Played by Jerome Flynn

A sellsword in his early to mid thirties, Bronn is described as bone thin and bone hard, with black eyes, black hair, and a stubble of beard. Bronn is as mercenary as they come, caring only for his profits.

The actor cast in the role, Jerome Flynn, was born in 1963, making him approximately 10-15 years older than the character described in the series. His appearance is also not quite the same, but it is a minor detail.


Season One

Present at the inn where Tyrion Lannister is taken by Catelyn Stark, the sellsword joins Lady Stark’s escort and fights with ruthless efficiency. He refuses to take the time to bury their companions who are killed, and grows to trade jokes with Tyrion as they travel on to the Eyrie. When Tyrion throws the dice on calling for a trial by combat, Bronn chooses to stand for him. He kills Ser Vardis Egan, admitting he fought without honor but noting that the dead Egan did. He leaves the Eyrie with Tyrion, apparently deprived of his horse as they walk through the high road. Bronn establishes that he won’t kneel to Tyrion, but Tyrion wants his sword, not his kneeling, and reminds him that no matter what someone offers him to betray Tyrion, the Imp can always pay more.

After Tyrion convinces the clansmen to let them live, Bronn travels to Lord Tywin’s camp where Bronn acquires the prostitute Shae for Tyrion. Soon after, a battle takes place in which Bronn fights. Appointed acting Hand by Lord Tywin, Tyrion takes Bronn and Shae to King’s Landing.