Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Jeor Mormont

"The Old Bear"
Played by James Cosmo

Called the Old Bear, Lord Mormont was once Lord of Bear Island in the North until he chose to take the black, leaving his seat and lands to his son, Jorah Mormont. A grizzled old man with a large, bald head and shaggy grey beard, the Old Bear is now Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. He commands it from Castle Black, the chief of the three castles the Watch still maintains along the length of the Wall. He is often accompanied by a pet raven. He has in his possession the Mormont ancestral weapon, the Valyrian steel bastard sword Longclaw, although his son’s disgrace has led him to keep it locked away in a chest.


The actor cast in the role is neither bald nor so bearded, but otherwise seems to match very well.