Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Jon Snow

Played by Kit Harington

Born of a mother Lord Eddard refuses to name—some believe him to have been gotten on the beautiful lady Ashara Dayne, who would later kill herself in grief at the brother Lord Eddard killed—Jon Snow has been raised at Winterfell since he was an infant, alongside Lord Eddard’s other children against the customs and traditions of the Seven Kingdoms. Unlike all the other children but Arya, Jon takes after his father in looks. Lean, dark-haired, and solemn, Jon is best friends with his half-brother Robb.


Jon Snow has been aged 3 years for the TV show, starting at 17 as opposed to 14. In the series, 16 is seen as he age of majority in the Seven Kingdoms, although this may not be true for the television show.