Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Sandor Clegane

"The Hound"
Played by Rory McCann

A huge, powerful warrior, Sandor Clegane is known as the Hound, referring to the arms of his family. Estranged from his even more gigantic brother, Ser Gregor, the Hound is known throughout the realm by the horrible burn scar that covers half his face. It’s rumored that the source of the burn was a siege, or possibly dragon’s breath. After leaving his family lands in the west following his father’s death, he swore his sword to Queen Cersei and became sworn shield to her eldest son, Prince Joffrey.

Despite his prowess, the Hound is not a knight, in large part because of his refusal to accept knighthood. Known to be cruel, violent, and uncouth, Clegane thinks little of knights or their vows.


According to reports, the character has been aged upwards from about his late-twenties in the series to his mid-thirties.