Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show



Played by Rose Leslie

A wildling spearwife—a warrior woman—Ygritte is said to be “kissed by fire” by her fellow wildlings, thanks to her shaggy mop of red hair, which is considered lucky. About 20 years old, Ygritte is common in appearance, with a pug nose, crooked teeth, a round peasant’s face.

On the show, Ygritte is portrayed by Rose Leslie who, all in all, is rather prettier than the character as described in the novel.


Season Two

Captured by Jon Snow while ranging with Qhorin Halfhand and his companions, Ygritte is left to be killed by Jon. However, Jon cannot quite bring himself to do it, and in his hesitation she attempts an escape. She nearly succeeds, and leads Jon on enough of a chase that he cannot find Qhorin and his men. The two spend a tense evening together, as Ygritte taunts and teases him. Soon after Ygritte makes another attempt to run after distracting Jon, only to then turn around as wildlings rise up and capture Jon, freeing her. Taking charge of the prisoner and his sword, Ygritte is present when Rattleshirt attempts to have Jon and Qhorin both killed. Ygritte suggests Mance will want to hear from them, however, saving them. When Qhorin later attacks Jon, claiming he is a traitor, Ygritte gives Jon his sword Longclaw and witnesses his killing of Qhorin Halfhand.