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Tyrion Lannister

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We see Tyrion Lannister on the high road, a dead body in front of him. His boots are rather worse for wear. It’s a great look at his costume, as well, with the black leather extending down past his waist. In fact, it looks like the red leather jerkin goes over a black leather surcoat.

Most notably, of course, is the fact that he’s carrying a shield here, salvage that he’ll be needing under the circumstances. It’s a dark yellow in hue, with a rearing red stallion painted on it, and it can be nothing else but the show’s take on House Bracken‘s arms (I saw the original design drawing of this at the production offices). They’ve basically just used the escutcheon and the sigil, and dropped the brown field entirely. For some reason, the horse is facing in the opposite direction from how heraldic beasts tend to be depicted, but this is actually something that can legitimately be done in real world heraldry ... and certainly in Westerosi heraldry.

We should comment briefly on the dead man at his feet. This is probably one of the men-at-arms who travels the high road into the Vale with Tyrion. The decorative patterning on his leather surcoat—a sort of wavy pattern—may well mark him out as one of the riverlands men.

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