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King Robert Baratheon

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Here we see King Robert at Winterfell. He looks terrific in leather here. In the blurbs, he remarks on some early fan concerns that he’s best known for comedic roles, but having met him, I think fans are likely to be pleased with his depiction of this once-mighty king. His garments include quite a lot of leather, as well as a magnificent fur-lined brocaded cloak. With a closer look at his belt, we can see it’s relatively plain and unadorned, except for the very rich sword that he’s carrying. The design of its pommel is rather curious, but we’ll get into that in another screencap, from the Tommy Dunne Artisans video.

A nice touch is the knife opposite the sword, with its hilt made of horn—this is exactly what’s described for the only knife Robert ever personally carried, a rather plain hunting knife that Jon Arryn gave to him when he was still a youth in the Vale.

A number of Stark guards can be seen behind him with snarling direwolf heads on their shields. Their round shields, one notes, much as we’ve noted with the Valemen. A departure from the books, but a minor detail. The guardsmen wear visorless bascinets (very much in keeping with the setting) with some sort of embossed leather armor worn over quilted gambesons not unlike Ned Stark’s but with short sleeves. Two of them seem to have what may well be the sleeve of mail hauberk peeking out, though it may instead be some sort of knitted woolen material. They all carry spears, except for the bannerbearer at the end, who we think may be Jory Cassel.

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